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I received my first camera when I was 8 years old. At about 8 years and 36 seconds...I ran out of film. The only things I asked my family for my birthday that year were a camera...and a horse (Although, to be honest, I asked for a horse every year). I think my folks thought they were getting the cheaper way out by getting me a camera, but those were the days when film came in cartridges, flashes came in blocks & you went to a small drive through to get your film developed. (last year?????)


I'm fairly confident that my mom got me a camera thinking that when I got bored with it, then she would inherit it. Well I rarely put that thing down, so she never did get it & eventually purchased a much nicer camera for herself. I guess she got tired of waiting! I still have her camera as well, an old 35mm cannon AE-1 that I will not part with. My equipment has changed by leaps and bounds, but the love remains the same.


I have had a love of photography all these years. I live for the "awwww" moments, when you know you have captured a priceless moment in time. A brides first kiss, a new baby, the groom as he gazes upon his bride, your precious child almost grown and off to college, toddlers experiencing "puppy breath" for the first time.


I love that I am "that" girl...the one who gets to capture those moments. The ones that you will always look back on and cherish. I take pride in knowing that I was the one who got to be there for you and memorialize your life's biggest moments.


As time goes by, and the little details of those milestone days begin to fade away, those images that I took for you will always be there. As clear as day, for you to look back on...forever.


Oh...I forgot to mention that I eventually got the horse too...but that is another story for another time....



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